Creating Beautiful Garden Arches: A Step-by-Step Guide

Bending 3/8” rebar into arches is the first step in creating a stunning garden trellis. These arches form the foundation for a structure made from 50 x 50mm European Oak, cut to size and secured with stainless steel screws. Fence toppers serve various purposes, such as enhancing security, adding privacy, and enabling customized designs.

Decorating your garden with these structures not only adds aesthetic appeal but also provides robust support for large and climbing plants. Our arch top diamond trellis is incredibly versatile, suitable for use as a standalone fence or as an addition to an existing one, and it’s excellent for climbing plants. Please note that the dimensions of the trellis may temporarily increase by 6% due to swelling caused by our treatment process. Unlike a traditional arch, an arch trellis features a curved top, adding a unique touch to your garden landscape.

Garden Arch Trellis

Garden trellises are not just for decoration; they allow climbers to flourish, adding height and interest to your garden. Installation involves placing one end of the cattle panel in a trench and securing it with zip ties. This setup is ideal for metal arched garden arbors, which are detailed in our step-by-step instructions.

For those who prefer more elaborate garden arches, flat trellises might not suffice. Arched trellises, however, are an excellent choice. They are particularly effective for vertical gardening with vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, and beans. Remember to include a gravel board in your setup to raise the fence height by an additional 150mm. Our diagonal trellis with a convex arched topper panel is perfect for adding screening or defining areas above your fencing.

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The beauty of garden arches lies in their versatility. They can mark the entrance to a pathway or transition between different garden areas. Bamboo trellises, both sturdy and lightweight, serve as attractive focal points and practical gardening aids. With a gentle curved lattice top, our panels look great from both sides, eliminating neighborly disputes, and come with a matching gate.

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