Choosing the Right Long Reach Pruner: Features and Tips

The EasyKut telescopic long reach pruner is a versatile gardening tool, combining a cutting saw with ratchet style secateurs. This dual-functionality makes it ideal for various gardening tasks. The Unibos Extendable Loppers feature a telescopic long extendable handle, making them suitable for heavy-duty branch cutting. These loppers are designed for ease of use in gardening, with a focus on reaching high branches and dense foliage.

These tools come in different sizes, featuring built-in springs and a choice between bypass or anvil blades. The design is similar to small loppers, with long handles for extended reach but blades the size of standard bypass secateurs. A notable example is the Fiskars Power Gear 2 bypass loppers, which are renowned for their ergonomic handles, offering comfort and control during cutting. All bypass and anvil pruners undergo testing for up to 100,000 cuts to ensure lasting performance.

Telescopic Long Reach Pruner

For a comprehensive gardening solution, combining secateurs, loppers, and a folding pruning saw is advisable. This combination enables tackling a wide range of jobs, from maintaining small trees and hedges to pruning larger branches. Toolstation offers a range of secateurs, garden shears, loppers, and tree pruners for these purposes. Their Long Handle Fruit Picker is another notable tool, featuring a telescopic high reach design for easy branch and fruit picking.

When choosing secateurs, it’s important to consider the sharpness of the blades, as sharper secateurs ensure cleaner cuts. The WORKPRO 8 Piece Garden Tools Set is an excellent choice, offering stainless steel hand tools with wooden handles. For pruning green living growth, such as ornamental shrubs and trees, a bypass blade design is ideal. Regular pruning with these tools not only maintains plant health but also enhances the overall appearance of your garden.

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